This page is dedicated to providing useful resources for parents and teens.  If you are interested in discovering and discussing the content of movies, TV, video games, music and the internet, there should be plenty of resources here to get you started.  There are also some great Bible study and apologetic sites worth mentioning.

Media Discernment


Common Sense Media.  This is a great place to start for reviews of all the media listed above.


CPYU.  This is the Center for Parent Youth Understanding.  This company, run by Walt Mueller, is an excellent resource for all things youth culture.


Internet Filters-Resources



Open DNS.  I highly recommend this FREE online internet filter for your home.  It is free, customizable, works off your router (so ALL computers in your home will be covered), reliable and did I mention FREE!


Bible Study


Walk Through The Bible.  Walk Through the Bible is a great resource for Bible studies, devotionals for individuals or the whole family.  There are free resources here as well.


BlueLetterBible.  This is an excellent Bible study resource.  Free and filled with options.  Search texts, original language dictionaries, commentaries, Bible study methods, devotionals and more.




CARM.  Are you ever asked questions about the Christian faith that you just don’t have answers to?  Well, we’ll never know everything, but Christian apologetics are possible.  This is an excellent FREE resource for answers to some of the toughest questions about the faith.


Be Thinking.  This is another great apologetics website.  Here you will find videos and essays on topics ranging from the introductory to advanced level, so it’s great for kids as well as adults.