Reno Aces Faith Night

Friday August 28th is the Reno Aces Faith Night. Prior to the baseball game there will be a worship band as well as testimonies from players and coaches. We have tickets available for $15 (contact Corbett for purchasing), which includes a seat in the lower infield reserve (very close to 1st base) and a voucher for a Reno Aces baseball hat. We will be able to transport as many as we can get vehicles for. Sign up now and reserve your ticket!

For those of you who need transportation, we must confirm in advance so we are sure to have space. We will meet at the church at 2:30pm on Friday afternoon of the 28th. We will leave the ballgame at 9pm and be back to the church by 11pm for pickup. Hope you’ll join us!

Contact Corbett for tickets.

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